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It’s time to step up and act up for workers health and safety: Hey! Whatcha gonna do? - 24 March 2015 more

Hazards Conference 2015
It’s time to book your place at the National Hazards Conference, the once a year chance to meet safety reps, exchange ideas and get inspired. As ever, the conference organised by the Hazards Campaign will have top headline speakers and workshops that will give you the knowledge and tools to make workplaces safer and healthier. Topics covered include safety reps and organising, finding out what is harming members, making the most of the enforcement system, and dealing with risks. The event is union-supported and this year has the theme ‘Safety reps: Reclaiming the health and safety agenda’.
National Hazards Conference, 4-6 September 2015, Keele University, Stoke-on-Trent Sponsorship appealBooking form

Hazards conference 2014 Keele University, Stoke-on-Trent, 29th – 31st August 2014 Booking form Sponsorship appeal

UK National Hazards Campaign warns that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone as Cameron obeys business buddies in race to slash red tape that puts everyone at risk! - 29 January 2014 more

Triennial review giving HSE the thumbs up is rejected by government planning to exterminate the protection of hard-working workers by commercialisation! - 9 January 2014 more

The fight for health and safety in the UK with Hilda Palmer UK National Hazards Campaign - 8 January 2014 YouTube

European Work Hazards Conference 2013 report - Ivan Timson - 1 December 2013 more

Business Daleks say: Deregulate! Deregulate! Deregulate! Hazards Campaign says: “Regulate, Regulate, Regulate! - 17 October 2013 more

FACK Says: ‘Don’t be fooled by government lies on health and safety’ - 7 June 2013 more

Cutting health and safety laws is hurting us all, so "Stop it: You’re Killing us!" - 26 April 2013 more

MPs urged to reject removal of civil liability in health and safety law in the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act in Common today - 16 April 2013 more

Tackling occupational cancer should mean preventing it, not taking a ‘3 monkeys’ approach - 13 March 2013 more

Hazards Campaign statement on the Government response to ‘Health at work- an independent review of sickness absence’ - 23 January 2013 more

Simon Pickvance 1949-2012
Simon Pickvance, our friend, brilliant colleague and consummate internationalist and networker, has died. The memorial service and celebration of his life will be held on Tuesday 4 December 2-5pm, Crookes Social Club, Sheffield. All are welcome. Further detailsDedications and memories

Hazards conference 2013, 19-21st July, University of Keele, Sponsorship formBooking form

Safety police cuts will make more unhealthy and unsafe - despite denial for HSE chief exec - 5 October 2012 more

HSE’s dithering, denial and delay on workplace cancer is deadly! - 2 August 2012 more

Breast cancer - Hazards Campaign letter to The Guardian - 29 May 2012 more

Hazards conference 2012 - Countering the attack on the safe workplace, 31 August - 2 September, University of Keele booking formsponsorship formthe Alan nomination form

If over 40 per cent of cancer is attributable to lifestyle and the environment, what about the other 60 per cent?Alliance for Cancer Prevention - 12 December 2011 more

What a carry-on! Grayling carries on wrecking 'elf and safety despite the evidence (or lack of it!) - 28 November 2011 more

“Clegg - stop talking such utter cobblers!" - 25 October 2011 more

Hazards conference 2011 - HSE cuts mean we need better organisation
2-4 September, University of Keele booking formsponsorship form

Hazards Campaign comment on employment minister Chris Grayling's Butlins bumper car letter - 24 August 2011 more

Hazards Campaign comment on PM Cameron’s linking the riots and looting to health and safety legislation - 18 August 2011 more

Hazards Campaign response to the Lofstedt review - 9 August 2011 more

On Workers Memorial Day the Hazards Campaign says: "Oi, Grayling! We aren't going to let you send us back to the dark ages!", 28 April 2011 more

More cuts in health and safety are the real Job Killers, 21 March 2011 more

Health and safety week of action, 28 February - 5 March 2011 pdf

Hazards Campaign statement following the sentencing of Cotswold Geotechnical Services in the first ever corporate manslaughter trial, 17 February 2011 more

Lord Young’s biased report should be binned, 15 October 2010 more

We didn't vote to die at work! The government's attack on health and safety will kill - not save lives!, 8 September 2010 more

Call for action following another Corus death, 1 September 2010 more

Hazards Campaign fringe meeting at TUC Congress, 14 September 2010 more

Get your 'We didn't vote to die at work t-shirt' here! pdf

Miniscule fines and no jail for those guilty Buncefield explosion, 19 July 2010 more

No-one should die simply for going to work but HSE figures are not the whole story, 30 June 2010 more

The Hazards Campaign says: “Vote to save your life at work” 27 April 2010 more

When will senior directors of companies such as Biffa be held personally accountable for their serial killing and injuring workers? 20 April 2010 more

Hazards Campaign comment on the election manifestos, 14 April 2010 more

When will senior directors of companies such as Corus be held personally accountable for their serial killing and injuring workers? 14 April 2010 more

Workers' Memorial Day 2010 briefing more

21st National Hazards conference 2010, 9-11 July, University of Keele more

European Work Hazards Network Conference Leeds, UK , 10-12 September 2010 pdf

UK National Work-stress Network Conference 2010, 27-28 November more2009 report

Workers Memorial Day to be be officially recognised – now the Government must admit the true extent of workplace ill-health, accidents and death, 29 January 2010more

Why are we waiting ? Campaign groups calls on government to stop talking and ACT to stop deaths in the construction industry! 1 October 2009 more

The Hazards Campaign tells the government to get on with it! 13 July 2009 more

Hazards campaign says Government must accept construction deaths report recommendations - 9 July 2009 more

Hazards Campaign welcomes reduction in workplaces deaths but calls for action on the true extent of deaths, disability and injury - 25 June 2009 more

- Hazards Campaign says HSE’s ‘Be part of the solution’ is a damp squib and the state of H&S at work is much worse then they think! - 3 June 2009 more

Workers Memorial Day 28 April 2009
Remember the dead - Fight for the living
It’s not a secret, TELL PEOPLE about it!!
Resources, briefings and links and union activities

- Photographic exhibition - An asbestos timebomb in the Indian Subcontinent - 1 December 2008 more

Hazards Campaign says HSE statistics drastically misrepresent cost of work - 28 October 2008 more

Hazards Campaign rejects BERR Report - 9 August 2008 more


Campaign news

Advice centres, victim support groups, local and national campaigns, other sources of information and support The Hazards Campaign is a national network established in 1988, financed by donations from supporting groups and individuals. It draws together hazards centres, occupational health projects, health and safety groups, safety reps networks and Trades Union Councils' Safety Committees, specific campaigns and individual health and safety activists. Specific campaign groups include the Construction Safety Campaign, bereaved relatives groups, asbestos support groups, RSI support groups, pesticide sufferers groups, campaigns against hazards affecting black and ethnic minority groups and toxic waste groups.

The campaign works by: sharing information and skills; campaigning on specific issues; acting as a national voice; issuing press releases; holding conferences; establishing national initiatives, including Workers Memorial Day; lobbying MPs, MEPs and statutory bodies. The Campaign organises the annual Hazards Conference and holds meetings about five times a year which are open to anyone sharing the aims of the campaign.

The Hazards Campaign, c/o Greater Manchester Hazards Centre, Windrush Millennium Centre, 70 Alexandra Road,
Manchester, M16 7WD . website www.hazardscampaign.org.uk

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