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Families against corporate killers (fack)

Families against corporate killers - fack - is a national campaigning network which will campaign to stop workers and others being killed in preventable incidents and will direct bereaved families to sources of legal help and emotional support.

Relatives of people killed at work formed this national campaigning group. Fack believes families bereaved as a result of unsafe and unhealthy workplaces are angry and frustrated. They feel they have been robbed twice: Once of their loved ones in incidents that should have been prevented by employers simply obeying the law on workplace health and safety; and secondly of their right to justice.

The campaign is seeking urgent government action to halt the complacency about deaths at work and decent laws with will bring dangerously negligent bosses to justice. fack wants a review of the way work-related deaths are investigated and the way families are treated. And it believes workers and safety reps must be given more rights to protect themselves against exposure to unacceptable risks to their lives and health.

FACK has received donations from unions and individuals and is supported by Irwin Mitchell and McMillan Williams solicitors.


Linzi Farnley's speech at International Workers' Memorial day 2014

FACK APPEAL 2013 [pdf]

To support FACK's work please send donations made out to 'GMHC' with a note that the money is for FACK only. Send c/o GMHC, Windrush Millennium Centre, 70 Alexandra Road, Manchester M16 7WD

We will acknowledge all donations and provide updates of FACK's work.

FACK update 12 September 2008 [pdf]

Fack leaflet [pdf]

Bereaved families' stories

  • Andrew Herbertson 29 years old, killed in January 1998 at Chadwicks Printers, Oldham By Linzi Herbertson, widow. [pdf]
  • Andrew Michael Hutin, 20 years old killed on 8th November 2001 at Corus, Port Talbot, South Wales. By Michael Royston Hutin, father [pdf]
  • Gordon Field, 58 years old, died 3rd November 2000 after fatal injury on 30th October at Armstrong’s Steel, Stoke on Trent By Sharon Norman, daughter. [pdf]
  • Den le Bretton 57 when he died on 3rd April 2001 Melbury Quarry St Austell By Helen Le Bretton, wife. [pdf]
  • Craig Whelan 23 years old & Paul Wakefield killed on 23rd May 2002 in a fire in a chimney at Carnaud Metal Box in Bolton. By Linda Whelan, mother [pdf]
  • Graham Meldrum killed 12th July By Karen Thompson partner [pdf1] • [pdf2]
  • John Allan Tucker 58 years old, killed on 13th December 1998 at Corus in Port Talbot, South Wales By Jean Akerman, sister. [pdf]
  • Mark Wright killed in a recycling plant in North West on 13th April 2005. By Dorothy and Douglas Wright, parents. [pdf]
  • Michael Adamson, 26 years old, killed on 4th August 2005 at JJB Sports, Dundee By Louise Adamson, sister [pdf]
  • Samuel Adams 6 years old killed 10th October 1998, at newly opened Trafford Centre, Greater Manchester.By Dawn and Paul Adams, parents. [pdf]
  • Stephen Marsh and David Wilson killed in January 1994, at a shop refurbishment in Oldham. [pdf]
  • Steven Burke aged 17 killed on 30th January 2004 at Davyhulme sewage plant, Manchester. By Barbara and Bernard Burke, parents [pdf]