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no embargo - 19 November 2007( Back to news releases)

FACK calls for changes in law and enforcement as death at work is no accident

Three Fack members will speak at the CCA Conference ‘Corporate Manslaughter, Directors Duties and Safety Enforcement’ at Hamilton House Mabledon Place 19th November

Three members of FACK, Linda Whelan, Dorothy Wright and Mick Murphy, will talk about the ways in which the whole criminal justice system let them down by failing to hold employers accountable for killing their sons at work.

“FACK was set up to l and raise public awareness of the fact that employers can kill workers by behaving in a grossly negligent way and still escape manslaughter charges, and to lobby government for changes in the law and its enforcement. Anyone can make a mistake, but systematic failure by employers to manage health and safety properly is a crime, not an accident. We want employers who kill someone at work by failing to comply with the law to be treated as the criminals they are, charged with manslaughter and sent to prison if found guilty. We want families of people killed by work to come together and make the government realise we will not tolerate the casual killing of workers, that we want a better law of corporate manslaughter than the one just passed, legal duties on directors for health and safety, and much more stringent enforcement so that employers can be caught BEFORE they kill someone. Government policy and HSE action are currently not working and must be changed.” Said a spokesperson for FACK.

FACK speakers at the conference are:

Linda Whelan – her son 23 year old son Craig burnt to death in 2002 when dismantling an industrial chimney. The Crown Prosecution initially prosecuted three managers for manslaughter, but then dropped the case. Mobile 079193 34793

Mick Murphy - his18 year old son Lewis was burnt to death when flammable gasses ignited in a garage in 2004. The manslaughter conviction against the garage manager was overturned on appeal. Mobile 07986 545109

Dorothy Wright – her 37 year old son Mark was burnt to death in April 2005 when his employer told him to crush aerosols, that unknown to him were filled with butane. The Crown Prosecution Service have refused to prosecute. Mobile 078184 42083

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