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no embargo - 4 July 2008 ( Back to news releases)

FACK supports Battersea Crane Disaster Action Group in calling for a Vigil for Zbigniew Swirzynski

Outside Liverpool Coroners Court, Old Hall Street, Liverpool 8.45am 8th July 2008

Supported by FACK and Liverpool Trades Council

Zbigniew Swirzynski, a Polish construction worker, was killed in the collapse of a Falcon crane in Liverpool on 15th January 2007 and the Inquest into his death will be held on 8th July at Liverpool Coroners Court.

On 26th September 2006, a Falcon crane collapsed on a Battersea construction site killing the driver Jonathan Cloke and Michael Alexa, a member of the public who was working on his car outside his mother’s house. The Battersea Crane Disaster Action Group (BCDAG) set up by Michael’s mother Liliana Alexa, and his partner Angela Bedy, have been campaigning ever since to end crane deaths.

As the crane which collapsed in Liverpool killing Zbigniew Swirzynski was also a Falcon crane, members of the BCDAG will hold a vigil outside the court to remember him and all who have lost their lives in crane disasters. The vigil will start at 8.45am on Tuesday 8 July. The Inquest begins at 10am.

Michael Alexa’s mother, Liliana, said: “On 8 July in Liverpool our thoughts will be with Zbigniew Swirzynski’s family. We will continue our campaigning until crane collapses and crane deaths end. We will also continue our fight for a central register of cranes. The Government say this is unnecessary but we believe it would save lives.”

FACK spokesperson says “We support BCDAG in their efforts to improve crane safety. There have been far too many crane collapses causing injury and deaths. We share their anger at the government’s rejection of the Select Committee’s support for BCDAG’s call for a crane register. The government seems to prefer to do nothing and hope for the best. This is playing roulette with workers lives and it is frankly unacceptable in the 21st Century that after a crane incident the HSE may spend days simply trying to find out who owns the crane and its history.”

For more information contact:

Liliana Alexa BCDAG: Mobile 07859 047677

Julia Brandreth BCDAG Mobile 07940 578219

Hilda Palmer FACK 0161 636 7557