Campaign updates and news releases

FACK Statement International Workers' Memorial Day 28 April 2016 - 28 April 2016 more

FACK questions the HSE’s decision not to investigate Glasgow bin lorry crash as work-related - 18 August 2015 more

Some justice won for  Cameron Minshull, 16 year old apprentice, killed at work 8 January 2013 - 14 July 2015 more

FACK Statement on International Workers' Memorial Day 28 April 2015 - 28 April 2015 more

FACK Statement on International Workers' Memorial Day 28 April 2014 - 28 April 2014 more

FACK Comment on DWP Press release – ‘No more nonsense ‘elf and safety excuses, councils told - 19 April 2014 more

FACK STATEMENT: Prime Minister must learn the lesson that deregulation and killing off health and safety is deadly - 3 April 2014 more

FACK statement in support of the Blacklist Support Group and the TUC Day of Action on Blacklisting on 20th November : Own up! Pay up! Clean up! - 19 November 2013 more

FACK finds the chancellors’ plans to offer ‘tribute to offshore oil workers’ singularly inappropriate - 4 September 2013 more

FACK is furious at Government release of misleading and inaccurate PR on Work Experience and Health and Safety which we fear will put children at greater risk - 26 June 2013 more

FACK Statement for International Workers' Memorial Day 28 April 2013 - 16 April 2013 more

16 Year Old Killed In The Workplace 16 January 2013 more

Families Against Corporate Killers Statement in response to Prime Minister's speech at Tory Conference 10 October 2012 more

FACK appeal 24 July 2012 more

You Lie: We Die so stop it, you’re killing us! 3 July 2012 more

FACK Statement For International Workers' Memorial Day 28 April 2012 more

Business as usual: Downing Street Summit excludes grieving families 15 February 2012 more

Bradford Court finds J.N. Bentley guilty of breaching health and safety regulations
 which caused the death of Steven Allen on 9th March 2007
30 January 2012 more

HSE case against J.N. Bentley, Newton Hearing, Bradford Crown Court  25th to 27th January 2012 25 January 2012 more

FACK responds to Cameron's "Kill safety' resolution 5 January 2012 more

FACK sends Say it with Flowers New Year card to Cameron, Clegg, Cable and Grayling 1 January 2012 more

Deeside Metals pleads poverty and gets fine for the offences that killed Mark Wright cut in half by Court of Appeal 2 December 2011 more

FACK condemns Minister Grayling’s announcement of ‘major cut backs of health and safety red tape’ 28 November 2011 more

FACK letter to the Guardian concerning Chris Grayling and corporate lobbying 19 October 2011 more

Bereaved relatives confront Chris Grayling MP at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester Wednesday 4th October 12.30pm 4 October 2011 more

Grayling bothered about bumper cars at Butlins but can’t be bothered to meet those burdened by health and safety failures!, 24 August 2011 more

FACK response to the Lofstedt review, 2 August 2011 more

Face the FACKs: WE bear the burden NOT business! 22 July 2011 more

Regulations don’t kill jobs but lack of regulations kill workers! 21 March 2011 more

Health and safety regulations don’t kill jobs: lack of regulations kill workers! 2 March 2011 more

Victim impact statement from Dorothy and Douglas Wright 16 December 2010 more

Justice at last? 7 December 2010 more

Criminal Lancashire company fined just £1 for killing worker Peter Walton 27 October 2010 more

FACK is angry that the government’s blueprint for health and safety is a mass of unsubstantiated prejudices, myths and nonsense 15 October 2010 more

Families of people killed at work ask Lord Young to ‘FACE the FACKs’ and watch their DVD 6 September 2010 more

Open letter to Lord Young from those who bear the real burden of too little health and safety 24 June 2010 more

FACK demands political parties “Tell us you’ll stand up for workers safety before we vote for you 21 April 2010 more

Policy Exchange report on health and safety isn’t based in the real world 23 March 2010 more

FACK angry at soft sentencing guidelines for employers who kill 17 February 2010 more

FACK welcomes the good news of government’s recognition of Workers Memorial Day 29 January 2010 more

FACK condemns David Cameron’s attack on health and safety 2 December 2009 more

FACK supports the blacklist protest 24 November Manchester 19 November 2009 more

FACK welcomes the arrest order of the CEO of Union Carbide 4 August 2009 more

FACK statement following the publication of the ICL report: ‘Waste of time and money and misses root causes’ 16 July 2009 more

FACK statement on the publication of the ICL report 16 July 2009 more

FACK comment on the conviction of those responsible for the death 15 year old Adam Gosling 13 July 2009 more

FACK demands the government implements the recommendations of the independent construction deaths report into construction deaths NOW to stop more workers being killed 13 July 2009 more

FACK statement on the release of ICL report to Ministers 2 July 2009 more

FACK is pleased that fewer workers killed in work incidents but says every one death is a terrible tragedy and much more action needed to stop work death 25 June 2009 more

Members of FACK are furiously angry that the death of a rabbit is treated more seriously than the death of a worker and want answers and action from the Prime Minister and the government 10 June 2009 more

FACK says the HSE’s new strategy ‘Be part of the solution’ is not enough to make a difference 3 June 2009 more

FACK Statement after meeting with Rita Donaghy Chair of DWP Inquiry into the underlying causes of deaths in the construction industry, 4 March 2009 more

Inquest vigil for Steven Allen 30 January 2009 pdf

Inquest vigil for Mark Wright 30 January 2009

Graham Meldrum's family condemn Allied Bakeries and TNT and demand that company directors be held responsible 9 January 2009 pdf YouTube movie of Graham

Louise Adamson's speech to the CCA conference 24 November 2008 pdf

"Today marks the start of the longest journey for us" 16 October 2008 more

FACK supports Battersea Crane Disaster Action Group in calling for a Vigil for Zbigniew Swirzynski 3 July 2008 more

Press Statement on Conviction of NW Aerosols FACK calls for Directors Duties NOW!! 9 June 2008 more

Vigil for Christopher Knoop and injured colleagues 2 June 2008 more

Statement to the ICL Plastics Public Enquiry from FACK 21 May 2008 more

Moment of truth for companies involved in the death of Steven Burke, trainee scaffolder 8 February 2008 more

FACK urges government: act like Santa and fill up HSE’s stocking! 12 December 2007 more

Guilty verdict in case of Steven Burke's death 23 November 2007 more

FACK outraged at insult to Graham Meldrum's family 6 November 2007 more

Call to vigil/demo on 6th November - Steven Burke: 2young2die 30 October 2007 more

Safe work is a human right not a privilege: Don’t let employers get away with murder 19 October 2007 more

Press Statement from Linda Whelan after press reports of compensation payment after the death of my son Craig Whelan 10th October 2007 more

‘Construction companies killing a worker by gross negligence is manslaughter at the very least’ says FACK 24 September 2007 more

Protest outside Construction Forum - “NO MORE DEATHS ON BUILDING SITES”
14 September 2007 more

Families Against Corporate Killers angry at ICL Plastics and ICL Tech Limited fines 28 August 2007 more

Stockline families in demand for full public inquiry 17 August 2007 more

Stop Crane deaths - FACK welcomes 9 August crane summit 7 August 2007 more

What about the workers? Families of workers killed by employer negligence feel bitterly disapponted by Corporate Manslaughter Bill 24 July 2007 more

Almost every work death could have been prevented 26 April 2007 more

f.a.c.k says: 'Unless amended the Corporate Manslaughter Bill will betray families of those killed by work' 1 December 2006 more

Protest at House of Commons on 10th October 2006 26 September 2006 more

Families against corporate killers are utterly disappointed in the government’s Corporate Manslaughter Bill published today 21 July 2006 more

Families against corporate killers (fack) launched 14 July 2006 more

Trainee scaffolder fell from scaffolding which was constructed in sub-standard way 11 October 2005 more

Timber company and director convicted of health and safety breaches which led to death of Omar Akhtar in 1997 11 June 2003 more

Why did Sam Adams, 6, die? 16 March 2000 more