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for immediate use - 6 November 2007( Back to news releases)

FACK outraged at insult to Graham Meldrum's family

Families Against Corporate Killers has expressed enormous anger at the paltry fines imposed on ABF Grain Products Ltd and TNT Logistics following the death of agency truck driver, Graham Meldrum. The two companies were fined £19,500 and £14, 000 respectively after pleading guilty to breaches of health and safety regulations.

Dorothy Wright, spokesperson for FACK who attended the trial said:

“It is utterly unacceptable that the two companies responsible for Graham’s death have escaped with such paltry fines since it was their failures which directly resulted in his death. Graham’s partner Karen has been utterly betrayed by the justice system which treats involuntary homicide by employers in the workplace as a minor misdemeanour compared with involuntary homicide in the rest of society.

“In FACK we feel that this is just the latest example, hot on the heels of the appallingly inappropriate £400,000 fine for killing nine people in the Stockline explosion, of how our politicians are continuing to let grieving families down. By refusing to present corporate homicide legislation that delivers REAL justice by allowing courts to use more appropriate sentences following conviction, including jailing company officials where their actions contribute to the death.

In court the Sheriff did refer to his inability to impose more than the maximum fine allowed in the lower courts by the UK Government. FACK urges the Scottish government to act now to revive the Karen Gillon Bill or other appropriate legislation to make sure employers who kill through gross negligence do not get away with a mere tiny fine, but face custodial sentences.”

Graham Meldrum’s case also raises issues about the need to ensure agency workers are treated the same as other workers - given the same training, representation and protection in the workplaces, and not used and abused by employers.

For more information contact Dorothy Wright Tel 01457 670442

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