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FACK statement on Downing Street Insurance Summit
15th February 2012 Immediate use
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Business as usual: Downing Street Summit excludes grieving families

FACK expressed anger but not surprise that the Prime Minister continues to make policy about people’s lives, about health and safety at work, based on the benefits to business not the massive costs and burdens on families of people killed by negligence.

FACK spokesperson said: “The Prime Minister and whole government continue to ignore us, the families of people killed at work because of far too little health and safety regulation, backed up by inadequate, toothless enforcement.  They are intent on destroying even this inadequate safety net to please their business paymasters.  Grayling, the Minister in charge of health and safety, has refused to meet us at least five times now.  Cameron failed to reply to a letter we sent him expressing concern at his New Year’s Resolution to ‘kill off health and safety culture’ (1) yet holds a Summit with the insurance companies and only hears the side of the story he wants to (2).

The contempt shown to us, the victims of poor regulation and lax enforcement and business criminality, is quite disgusting, but very much in line with this government’s utter contempt for ordinary people.  The government is racing ahead to cut the lifelines for workers, based not on evidence or fact, but on the myths, lies and fairytales peddled by their moneyed business friends.  Deaths at work have already gone up and far more workers are at risk as inspectors are banned from carrying out preventative inspections in workplaces  newly classified ‘low risk’, such as farming, quarries and the docks (3).

This week we have seen some justice abroad in corporations being held to account for their criminal actions in damaging workers health and safety.  In Italy on Monday two business men responsible for killing over 3,000 people by exposing them to asbestos were sentenced to 16 years in jail.  Now Apple are being forced by campaigners to face up to the inhuman working conditions of the Chinese workers who make their products.  But in the UK we have a government intent not on protecting workers and families,  but on racing to the bottom, removing their health and safety protection and allowing business to get away with as much as possible.  We fear more families will have to make our hellish, FACK ing journey.  Will no rid us of this deadly government?”

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FACK was  established in July 2006, by and for families of people killed by the gross negligence of business employers, see

1. FACK letter to David Cameron, copied to Nick Clegg, Chris Grayling and Vince Cable , plus  Hazards magazine No 116, back page:

2 Insurance Summit

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