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no embargo - 13 July 2009 ( Back to news releases)

FACK demands the government implements the recommendations of the independent construction deaths report into construction deaths NOW to stop more workers being killed

Members of FACK welcome the clear recommendations made by Rita Donaghy in her report on construction deaths, ‘One death is too many ‘,  and urges the government to implement them without delay.

Founder member Linzi Herbertson says:  ‘While this report is very promising and supports one of our major campaign demands, the need for statutory legal duties on directors, it is essential that the government takes on board this and all Rita’s other recommendations, and starts work  on implementing them as soon as possible to stop more needless deaths. 

“FACK along with trade unions and the Hazards Campaign have argued very strongly that voluntary guidance for directors does not work and that there is a clear moral case for positive legal duties,  and this is now also endorsed by the latest report from the Work and Pensions Select Committee. The government is now being given the same message form several directions. And must act upon it.

Linzi added “ Both Rita Donaghy’s and the Select Committee have also made clear the need for stricter enforcement.  As the recession bites the tendency for employers to cut corners and put workers lives and health at risk increases.  We urgently need more funding for enforcement by the HSE and local authority inspectors to prevent workers being hurt.  It is now up to the government to show how much it cares for us all by implementing directors’ duties and funding effective enforcement, frankly the wait is killing us.”

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FACK aims [pdf]

Rita Donaghy’s report, One Death is too Many: Inquiry into the Underlying Causes of Construction Fatal Accidents, was published on 9 July 2009 and is available [pdf]

The Work and Pensions Committee’s Fourth Report of Session 2008-09 entitled Workplace health and safety: follow-up report will be published on Sunday 12 July 2009