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no embargo - 28 April 2012 ( Back to news releases)

FACK Statement For International Workers' Memorial Day 28 April 2012

International Workers' Memorial Day is a day when FACK families remember their loved ones who have died because of work. Men, women AND children who left home one day, and did not return. But, today is not the only day they remember. FACK families remember these loved ones every single day. Today they ask you to hold them in your thoughts.

And hold them there while you renew your commitment to fight for the living. Because at the heart of FACK's work is the desire to prevent others losing their lives or their loved ones in incidents which could and should have been prevented.

While David Cameron talks of the "health and safety monster", the message from FACK could not be clearer: the sustained attacks on health and safety regulation and enforcement by this ConDem government are monstrous! Life and limb will be lost - are being lost! - as a result.

Health and Safety Minister Grayling's repeated refusals to meet with FACK families only serve to strengthen their resolve to make the voices of their loved ones heard from their graves. Because, no mother should have to face a Mother's Day on what should have been her son's 33rd birthday when he only lived to celebrate his 26th. Because no wife should have to turn her husband's life support machine off on her son's 8th birthday. Because no dad should be left thinking: "No-one deserves to die like that. We couldn't even identify his body. It was in bits. I didn't get the chance to kiss him or hold him to say goodbye."

All too often we are subjected to "burdens on business" bleatings. Grandparents who are told by their granddaughter that all she wants from Santa is a big long ladder so that daddy can climb down from the sky, they bear the real burden. Or the mother who heads to court for the final day of her son's employer's prosecution with locks of his hair from the day he was born and the day he died, or the partner who is 8 month pregnant when her baby’s father was killed but is not entitled to any compensation, they bear the real burden.

While FACK families bear the burden of poor health and safety regulation and enforcement, they also feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to you and yours.

Cameron speaks of  “an excessive health and safety culture that has become an albatross around the neck of British businesses".

FACKers stand together with you in forming a bloody great millstone round the necks of him and his ConDem government, which will only be shifted when they wake up to the reality faced by FACK families daily: the biggest and everlasting burden of a life to live without their loved ones.

The FACKers value your support and commitment to taking the fight to the politicians and enforcement authorities now more than ever before. Because, ultimately, remember this: the FACKers are fighting for your right not to walk in their shoes!

Lou Taggart Founder member of FACK 07812782534

FACK 0161 636 7557 or 079298 00240

FACK was established in July 2006, by and for families of people killed by the gross negligence of business employers, see .

Founder Members of FACK:

Dawn and Paul Adams – son Samuel Adams aged 6 killed at Trafford Centre,10th October 1998
Linzi Herbertson -husband Andrew Herbertson 29, killed at work in January 1998
Mike and Lynne Hutin – son Andrew Hutin 20, killed at work on 8th Nov 2001
Mick & Bet Murphy – son Lewis Murphy 18, killed at work on 21st February 2004
Louise Taggart – brother Michael Adamson 26, killed at work on 4th August 2005
Linda Whelan – son Craig Whelan 23, (and Paul Wakefield) killed at work on 23rd May 2004
Dorothy & Douglas Wright – son Mark Wright 37, killed at work on 13th April 2005
Louise Taggart – brother Michael Adamson 26, killed at work on 4th August 2005

For more information contact Facilitator for FACK Tel 0161 636 7557 or

FACK DVD ‘Face the FACKS: the human cost of workplace killing’ is available for £10 including post and packing.

To donate to FACK make cheques payable to GMHC Ltd with ‘For FACK@ on the back and send them to FACK c/o Hazards Campaign, Windrush Millennium Centre,
 70 Alexandra Road, Manchester M16 7WD