Challenging work related injuries and diseases

The Hazards Campaign has exposed the real extent of work-related ill-health and injury in the UK, which places an intolerable burden on victims, communities and the public purse. It has exploded government-fuelled lies about a supposed “compensation culture” and “burdens on business” posed by workplace health and safety regulation and its enforcement. Making work safer and healthier would not have a massive health dividend, it would be good for business, improving productivity and innovation.

Hazards 110 Cover imageCampaigning and lobbying

The Hazards Campaign  supports individuals and groups fighting for justice over work-related injuries and diseases. This includes challenging the victimisation and blacklisting of safety activists, supporting bereaved relatives on workers suffering occupational injuries or diseases in pursuit of justice, highlighting the unfairness of the compensation system and pressing for improvements to policy, law and practice.


The Hazards Campaign  prepares background papers to support those organising for improved workplace safety practices, regulation, compensation and justice.

gProtests and events

The Hazards Campaign believes we don’t just have to get the message right, we have to get it heard. It arranges or supports dozens of protests and events each year. more

Workers’ Memorial Day,
28 April

The Hazards Campaign brought Workers’ Memorial Day to the UK. The 28 April global event – which is now the biggest annual occupational health and safety activity in the world – sees unions, campaigners and safety activists undertake protests, workplace activities and safety organising drives on the theme “remember the dead, fight like hell for the living”.  more



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