Bill Lawrence: Funeral arrangements – 26 November 2021

Bill’s funeral will be on 26th November at Our Lady and St Columba’s Church, Carville Road Wallsend, NE28 6RJ at 1.30 pm and 3.00 pm at Tynemouth Crematorium, Walton Ave, North Shields NE29 9NJ.

For those who would have liked to be at the funeral but can’t, then the service is being live streamed on YouTube by following the link – https// which has a link to the Wallsend Catholic Churches YouTube Channel where the live streaming will start approximately 5 minutes before the service.


Hazards Campaign Thursday talk – Safety reps’ interactive drop in session

Safety reps’ drop in session – Thursday 11th November 6-7pm

Do you want to ask a question or raise a concern about a health and safety issue at work? Are you looking for support or information?

This is an interactive session and is not going to be recorded. It is an opportunity to discuss any health and safety concerns you have in your workplace.



Controlling Risks in the Workplace Hazards Campaign

Venting: Coronavirus risks are mostly up in the air, Hazards magazine

Hands face space won’t cut it. Ventilation. Ventilation. Ventilation!  Hazards Campaign PowerPoint

Working with a computer at home, Hazards Campaign briefing

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COP26 coalition People’s Summit event – 8 November – ‘What about the Workers? Making workplaces safe for workers and the environment’ – register on

Scottish Hazards and the UK Hazards Campaign has organised an event for the COP26 coalition People’s Summit.

The online event on 8 November – ‘What about the workers?   Making workplaces safe for workers and the environment’ – is a round table discussion which will look at the connected issues of toxics use reduction, air pollution inside and outside of the workplace, workplace adaption to address climate change and just transition for working people.

Register at


6.30pm – Introduction and welcome by the event chair Scott Donohoe – Scottish Hazards

6.35pm – Alison Tate, International Trade Union Confederation on Just Transition from a global perspective

6.43pm – Björn Claeson , Electronics Watch – ensuring workers rights and safety along side clean production in electronics

6.51pm – Prof Andrew Watterson, Stirling University on Toxic Use Reduction;

6.59pm – Ram Charitra Sah, Asian Network for the Rights of Occupational and Environmental Victims (ANROEV) – Toxic legacy of bad work inside workplaces and in communities

7.07pm – Hilda Palmer, UK Trade Union Clean Air Network – Workers are the canaries in the system ?

7.15pm – General discussion Q&A

7.55pm – Eurig Scandrett, UCU Scotland and Just and Green Recovery will sum the action points up.


Hazards Campaign Thursday Talk: Fighting our corner

Fighting our Corner
Hazards Campaign Thursday Talk
Thursday October 21st – 6-7.30pm

Every day there are new cases of Covid-19. The Governments around the UK have all but given up with Public Health mitigation and Health and Safety Law is not being enforced in the workplace.

What can Safety reps and others who are affected by the lack of mitigation in a working environment do to protect themselves and prevent infections?

Join us on Zoom to discuss with a panel of experts, what you can do in your workplace to keep yourself and others safe and healthy.

Our panel includes

  • Tracy Edwards – PCS National health and safety officer
  • Hilda Palmer – Hazards Campaign / Facilitator at FACK
  • Cat Cray – RMT London Underground health and safety rep
  • James Robertson – Unison Knowsley Branch Secretary
Register at

Links to more information:

‘Bent out of Shape’ online book launch, 7 September

The Hazards Campaign is hosting the 7 September UK launch of Karen Messing’s book ‘Bent out of Shape – Shame, Solidarity, and Women’s Bodies at Work.’

Award-winning ergonomist Karen Messing, a global expert on gender and work hazards, reveals a workforce in harm’s way and underestimated, underrepresented, understudied and underpaid. She will be joined at the 6pm launch by ‘Invisible women’ author Caroline Criado Perez, Wales TUC general secretary Shavanah Taj and Hilda Palmer of the Hazards Campaign.

Register for launch of ‘Bent out of Shape’ by Karen Messing, 6pm UK time, 7 September 2021. Buy the book. Further details from the Hazards Campaign.

Book launch: Bent out of Shape, Karen Messing

Join Karen Messing author of Bent out of Shape, in conversation with Caroline Criado Perez – author of Invisible Women, Shavanah Taj, General Secretary Wales TUC and Hilda Palmer, FACK/Hazards Campaign.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
To purchase the book prior to the launch go to:…/Bent-Out-of…/9781771135412
For more information please contact
Synopsis via the Blackwell’s website:

Award-winning ergonomist Karen Messing is talking with women–women who wire circuit boards, sew clothes, clean toilets, drive forklifts, care for children, serve food, run labs. What she finds is a workforce in harm’s way, choked into silence, whose physical and mental health invariably comes in second place: underestimated, underrepresented, understudied, underpaid.

Should workplaces treat all bodies the same? With confidence, empathy, and humour, Messing navigates the minefield that is naming sex and biology on the job, refusing to play into stereotypes or play down the lived experiences of women. Her findings leap beyond thermostat settings and adjustable chairs and into candid, deeply reported storytelling that follows in the muckraking tradition of social critic Barbara Ehrenreich.

Messing’s questions are vexing and her demands are bold: we need to dare to direct attention to women’s bodies, champion solidarity, stamp out shame, and transform the workplace–a task that turns out to be as scientific as it is political.

Hazards Conference 2021 report – recordings and resources

Thanks to everyone who attended,  spoke, facilitated, chaired and participated in Hazards  Conference 2021 on the weekend 31-July and 1 August organised by Hazards Campaign.

We  were privileged to have the opportunity to hear from the movement’s most brilliant health and safety organisers and activists, from here in the UK and also our fantastic international speakers.

Workshop facilitators gave their time freely, professionally and enthusiastically. The Hazards Campaigns is very grateful and appreciative of the  huge efforts in  preparation and delivery of the fantastic workshops.

The links to the recordings and resources are below:

Saturday plenary session (excluding Q&A of discussion sessions):

Richard Wagstaff, President, of NZCTU also showed a highly  persuasive video sent to him by a community support worker –

PDF of Powerpoint display used between sessions

The Saturday plenary was followed by three discussion sessions:

  1. Challenging Work surveillance, micro-management and other draconian working practices, led by PCS National Health and Safety and Environment Officer Tracy Edwards supported by Prof. Phil Taylor Strathclyde University, Ian Hodson President BFAWU and Bryan Simpson, Unite Union Hospitality Organiser.
  2. Supporting Workers and their families seeking justice and health and safety enforcement led by Hilda Palmer FACK and Hazards Campaign, supported by FACK member, Louise Adamson Michael’s Story, FACK and Scottish Hazards, Keith Cundall Irwin Mitchell, Sam Atkinson, FACK member, Bow Crane Collapse and Prof. Phil James. Presentation by Phil James
    Supporting Families session links
  3. Challenging increased violence and abuse at work led by National Health and Safety Officer Rob Miguel Unite Union, supported by Kim Sunley National Health and Safety Officer Unison, Doug Russell National Health and Safety Officer at USDAW, Paul Holleran GMB NW/NI Education/Health and Safety Officer on violence faced by journalists and Sarah Woolley General Secretary BFAWU on violence faced by women at work.

Sunday Morning Plenary with Andy McDonald MP (Q&A) session:

The Sunday Plenary was followed by these eight workshops

  • Workshop 1 – Safety Reps Organising Creatively to Keep Workers Safe During the Pandemic and Beyond
    Barry Faulkner (Unite National Political Education Coordinator)
    Andrea Oates (Labour Research Department)

  IntroductionResources and creative action for safety reps

Plus: Recording of the workshop


  • Workshop 8 – Hybrid working
    Ian Tasker Scottish Hazards

PLUS – Resources posted in the Zoom chat by participants









Hazards Conference 2021: Over 300 union reps signed up to fight for the right to safe and healthy work

  • Over 300 union reps and safety activities will hear a powerful global line-up of speakers.
  • The conference is a must for anyone keen to know more about how to make work safer for everyone, keep health and safety failings in the spotlight and maintain a clear focus on fixing the broken system.
  • Workshop topics will include asbestos, organising, sex and gender sensitive safety, hybrid working, investigating accidents, workplace justice, surveillance and violence.
News bulletin for immediate release – 30 July 2021 No embargo

On 31st July and 1st August, more than 300 trade union safety reps and health and safety campaigners, will participate in the online Hazards Conference under the banner of Fighting for the Fundamental Right to Safe and Healthy work. Sign up here.

Chair of the conference Doug Russell USDAW National Health and Safety officer said

“It is a great pleasure to be asked to chair the opening session. The organisers have made a virtue out of the need for a virtual conference by organising a powerful global line-up of speakers. The pandemic has exposed major problems with health and  safety and has had a devastating impact on mental and physical health of workers. The afternoon sessions and workshops on Sunday offer practical insight into how safety representatives can organise to tackle these issues. A great reality check for reps in a world that has gone mad – don’t miss it.”

And Shelly Asquith TUC National Health and Safety officer said

“Hazards Campaign has for many years exposed the dangers of unsafe work. As the pandemic rages on, it is one of the most important campaigns of our time. This weekend’s conference is a must for anyone keen to know more about how we make work safer for everyone.”

Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the global trade union confederation ITUC, is the keynote speaker at the opening session on Saturday and will spell out why health and safety must be recognised worldwide as an ILO Fundamental Right at Work. (1)

Richard Wagstaff, New Zealand Council of Trade Unions President will speak on the safety lessons learned recently in New Zealand with particular focus on Covid-19. (2)

Andy McDonald, Labour’s shadow Employment Secretary, is the keynote speaker at the Sunday session and will speak about how decent work supports safe and healthy working environments and lives. (3)

Also at the conference Shavanah Taj, Wales TUC General Secretary will say:

“Health and safety at work is a fundamental right. Yet the crisis over the last 16 months has repeatedly demonstrated that for many workers this right is a fiction.

“In Wales we have seen clear evidence that a decade of austerity and cuts has left us unable to enforce the most basic measures to keep workers safe.

“So it’s more vital than ever that we keep health and safety failings in the spotlight and maintain a clear focus on fixing our broken system”

More information about the conference and about registering to attend it, can be found at

1. ITUC Sharan Burrow on fundamental rights –
2. New Zealand Council of Trade Unions –
3. New deal for working people in LabourList

For More Information
Janet Newsham

Additional Information
Twitter @hazardscampaign

The Hazards Campaign is a UK-wide network of resource centres and campaigners. The Hazards Campaign supports those organising and campaigning for justice and safety at work

HSE unmasked: Hazards Campaign protest today over HSE’s failure to protect workers from the airborne spread of Covid-19

  • Hazards Campaign is protesting HSE failures to ensure proper protection for workers against the airborne spread of Covid-19 on 27th July, 6pm at Health and Safety Executive, Bootle
  • HSE must mandate the provision of respiratory protective equipment to FFP3 standard for all NHS and social care staff.
  • A simultaneous protest has been organised by Doctors in Unite that  is taking  place at the Department of Health, London more details

News bulletin for immediate release – 27.7.21 – No embargo

The UK Hazards Campaign has organised a protest at the HSE offices in Bootle today Tuesday, 27th July over HSE’s failure to ensure proper protection against airborne transmission to health and social care staff and other workers during the continuing pandemic. A simultaneous protest has been organised by Doctors in Unite that is taking  place at the Department of Health, London more details.

The Hazards Campaign is protesting at the continued refusal of the Health and Safety Executive to stand up for, and enforce workers’ health and safety, at its failing to insist Public Health England improve their guidance to mandate the provision of respiratory protective equipment to FFP3 standard for all NHS and social care staff, and other workers rather than claiming surgical masks are PPE which it knows is not true.

Janet Newsham UK Hazards Campaign chair says,

“With the disappearing Covid-19 public protection, workers need to be properly protected and their employers have a legal duty to ensure workers health and safety and anyone else affected by their work activity or in their work premises.

“The HSE has a legal duty to ensure safe working conditions for all workers,  but they have largely failed to ensure that employers in all settings  are controlling the infection risks to their staff through their duty to provide suitable and sufficient risk assessments and adequate controls of this airborne disease.  By reacting too late hundreds of thousands of workers have been infected, many left with long-covid and some have sadly died.

“As long as employers fail to ensure adequate ventilation and a proper precautionary level of face masks, workers will continue to be exposed to Covid-19 virus.”

The socially distanced protest will take place at 6pm at the HSE offices on Merton Road, Bootle, L20 7HS

Further Information / References

1. Covid is in the millions of small airborne aerosols that infected people exhale into shared air wherever people are mixing for work, so there is even more need for all workers to have PPE  to FFP2 and FFP3 standard to protect them from infection at work,
See VENTING | Coronavirus risks are mostly up in the air – Hazards magazine
2. The HSE knows that fluid resistant surgical masks are not PPE as their 2008 Research Report RR619 Evaluating the protection afforded by surgical masks ( showed.
Main Findings –This study focused on the effectiveness of surgical masks against a range of airborne particles. Using separate tests to measure levels of inert particles and live aerosolised influenza virus, our findings show that surgical masks provide around a 6-fold reduction in exposure. Live viruses could be detected in the air behind all surgical masks tested. By contrast, properly fitted respirators could provide at least a 100-fold reduction.

For More Information
Janet Newsham

Additional Information
Twitter @hazardscampaign

The Hazards Campaign is a UK-wide network of resource centres and campaigners. The Hazards Campaign supports those organising and campaigning for justice and safety at work


HSE buries bad news on work deaths on England semi-final day

HSE quietly announces a massive increase in worker deaths on a good day to bury bad news

News bulletin for immediate release – 8 July 2021 No embargo

Workers deaths increase by 25 per cent and this doesn’t include Covid-19 deaths

On the day all eyes were focused on the English football team’s Euro semi-final exploits, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) took the opportunity to bury bad news on work deaths. Latest figures released by the safety regulator on 7 July show a ‘massive’ 25 per cent increase in reports of workplace fatalities in 2020/21, despite many workers that year being furloughed or working from home. The figures also don’t include the 383 work-related Covid-19 deaths in the same 2020/21 reporting year.

Chair of the UK Hazards Campaign, Janet Newsham, said

“Although these HSE statistics only represent a a small percentage of the actual number of deaths because of work each year, it is still a huge increase in fatalities reportable through RIDDOR.   The Hazards Campaign says this is because HSE isn’t carrying out sufficient preventive inspections, isn’t holding bad employers to account, and hasn’t sufficient resources to carry out the enforcement needed to protect workers and prevent these incidents.”

“During the pandemic the HSE locked down initially, and then paid a debt collecting company to run their call centre and carry out onsite inspections, without adequate training, skills or knowledge to do the job.  The result has been NO COVID prosecutions and a complacent HSE .”

“This week the Government has made it clear they are going to remove the public health measures for Covid-19, that have been protecting people and preventing transmission of the virus.  They are prepared to put young peoples lives at risk, who mostly haven’t had the vaccination.  The Hazards Campaign will continue to demand that the HSE and other enforcement bodies hold employers to account if they fail to control the transmission risks and putting the lives and health of workers and others at risk.”

“The collapse of the Bosley Mill corporate manslaughter case has further highlighted the inadequate legal redress and dysfunctional enforcement that exists.  The director of the company then pleaded guilty to a lesser charge, and the 4 families devastated by the deaths of their loved ones saw him sentenced to a 9 month suspended sentence and a minimal fine.  The deaths of 4 workers doesn’t seem to matter and in many other cases employers are quite literally getting away with murder!”

“The announcement of the work fatalities by the HSE tries to paint a rosy picture of health at work, we know only too well the terror many workers face in the workplace, with employers ignoring health and safety and placing many young and vulnerable workers at risk.  The pandemic has highlighted the risks many employers are willing to take with workers lives.”

“We need a robust, transparent, accountable and proactive HSE, one that puts workers lives first and holds bad employers to account.  As the UK Government forces a return to work without the necessary controls in place to protect workers and prevent further infections and deaths, we need an HSE enforcing health and safety law not cosying up to employers or Government.  The Hazards Campaign want the HSE to be independent from pressure from government and big business.”

For more information contact:
Janet Newsham, Hazards Campaign
Tel: 07734 317158

Additional Information:

Hazards Campaign details:

twitter @hazardscampaign

The Hazards Campaign is a UK-wide network of resource centres and campaigners. The Hazards Campaign supports those organising and campaigning for justice and safety at work