Hazards Campaign Statement on the sudden and immediate cancellation of RISKS Enewsletter by TUC

News release, 28th June 2023, No embargo

On Friday 23rd June a report was made to the Hazards Campaign meeting, that the enewsletter  RISKS has been cancelled by the TUC with immediate effect.

We are shocked and very alarmed at this decision, because for many safety reps (especially from smaller trade unions with no dedicated health and safety department), this was their main weekly source of health and safety information.

RISKS provided regular and up to date health and safety information from workers’ perspective from around the health and safety movement in the UK, as well as from global health and safety unions and organisations.

RISKS provided information and analysis on what the government, the TUC, trade unions and other relevant organisations are doing, campaigns, workplace victories on health and safety and on going struggles, relevant scientific and technical information on all aspects of health, safety, environment and Just Transition, in a readable format from trusted source as it was edited by Rory O’ Neill editor of Hazards Magazine.

RISKS has been invaluable for thousands of safety reps and union health and safety officers, for many years. It helped to create and network the community of safety reps, and health and safety activists across the UK in all unions, types of workplaces and sectors.

The sudden end of RISKS is a huge loss for us all.

In the absence of the TUC reconsidering this regressive decision, we urge all trade unions and progressive organisations, to now put every effort in to maximising and increasing the support for the Hazards Magazine.

Hazards Magazine is the most treasured and valuable health and safety publication in the Hazards and health and safety movement. Hazards articles feature in almost all TUC and union health and safety courses, it is the first place to go for research for many of us,  and it is  much envied across the world’s labour movements which don’t have an equivalent or have long since lost their own print publications.

So we ask you now to recommit to support and grow support for Hazards Magazine to ensure its future as a print plus online publication by subscribing and encouraging others to subscribe.

Contact Jawad Qasrawi  Sub Editor  sub@hazards.org
Hazards Magazine: www.hazards.org/subscribe

Thank you

Janet Newsham, Chair of Hazards Campaign



2 thoughts on “Hazards Campaign Statement on the sudden and immediate cancellation of RISKS Enewsletter by TUC”

  1. This is a vital knowledge resource, as suggested for smaller organisations and workplaces with only a few employees it can be the difference between getting hurt or not getting hurt, it lessens an individual’s ability to make informed choices BEFORE the undertake as task. Knowledge is power, removing this fantastic tool and access to infinite information is detrimental to everyone’s health, safety and welfare.
    Think, change your mind, as you empower us to challenge, challenge yourselves. #ActNOW

  2. This is another example of the TUC cutting back on expenditure, irrespective of the health and safety consequences. \the TUC seems to be losing sight of it’s real objectives, i.e. protection of workers. The proposed merger of the Yorkshire TUC with the Northern TUC is another example of this total loss of sight of what they are meant to do – protection of workers rights.

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