Hazards Campaign Thursday Talk: Covid Transmission and Killer Workplaces

Covid Transmission and Killer Workplaces

Join the Hazards Campaign Thursday Talk (19th November 2020 6.00-7.30pm on Zoom) featuring speakers including trade union health and safety officers, reps and activists.

We will be discussing how we can end the lockdown using a Zero-Covid strategy and keep people safe at work in Covid-safe workplaces.

Book a place and receive the link to the meeting via  Eventbrite

We will also be launching the film ‘COVID Transmission and Killer Workplaces’.

For further information relevant to the speakers and subject:

Hazards Campaign News Releases

Hazards Campaign and Independent SAGE call for no workers to return to workplaces unless Covid safety plans are in place

The COVID-19 Safe Workplace Charter and briefing document on
ending work lockdowns in GB, Joint Independent Sage and Hazards Charter and document

A Better Way To Go: towards to a Zero COVID UK,   Independent Sage Zero-Covid Strategy

Zero Covid Campaign

Hazards Campaign details
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If you need more information please email: janet@gmhazards.org.uk
07734 317 158

The Hazards Campaign is a UK-wide network of resource centres and campaigners. The Hazards Campaign supports those organising and campaigning for justice and safety at work.

If you would like to get more involved or make a donation to our organisation please email: janet@gmhazards.org.uk

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