Hazards Campaign Thursday Talk – Stopping the abuse of call centre workers

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Join us for the Hazards Campaign Thursday Talk – Stopping the abuse of Call/Contact Centre workers
Thursday 13th May – 6-7.30pm

As more work goes online, are you a call/contact centre worker? Call/contact Centre workers face strict and excessive surveillance by their managers, during the pandemic many have been exposed to Covid-19 infections because they have continued to work in unhealthy working environments like those PCS members striking at Swansea DVLA. Call centre workers face abuse by customers, at risk from acoustic shock and some have to listen to suicidal customers that they are not trained to deal with. How can workers challenge these unsafe and unhealthy working conditions?

Hazards Campaign Thursday Talk – Stopping the Abuse of Call/Contact Centre Workers Thursday 13th May, 6-7.30pm
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The discussion will be led by:
– Prof. Phil Taylor University of Strathclyde – Covid-19 and Call/Contact Centre Workers Survey
– Tracy Edwards – PCS National Health and Safety Officer
– Call Centre Collective Speaker tbc

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