Keep your distance: Is two metres too far or not far enough?

In a newly published commentary, safety experts conclude the arguments for a blanket reduction of the two metres social distancing guidance do not stack up.

“The arguments for a blanket reduction of 2m in the UK economy do not stack up. A limited but growing body of scientific evidence, based on a better understanding of particle physics and aerosols and supplemented by case studies of very recent clusters, continues to support a precautionary approach to 2m and its continuation in many settings where public and worker safety is at risk and there are no effective alternatives and no vaccines. The science for lowering the 2m distance, however, appears to be limited if not absent at this stage.”

KEEP YOUR DISTANCE: Is two metres too far or not far enough to protect from COVID-19 and who benefits and who loses if it is reduced ?
A Commentary by Andrew Watterson, Rory O’Neill, Janet Newsham, Hilda Palmer June 22nd 2020.

Read the commentary in full here

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