Resources from the COP26 coalition People’s Summit event ‘What about the Workers?’

Below  you will find the agenda of the very successful Hazards Campaign /Scottish Hazards Cop26 event on 8 November 2021 – What about the Workers? – making workplaces safe for workers and the environment. The listing includes  links to the speakers’ presentation slides.  The meeting was not recorded.

6.30pm – Introduction and welcome by the event chair Scott Donohue – Scottish Hazards

6.35pm – Alison Tate, International Trade Union Confederation on Just Transition from a global perspective  

6.43pm – Björn Claeson , Electronics Watch – Ensuring workers rights and safety alongside clean production in electronics

6.51pm – Prof Andrew Watterson, Stirling University on Toxics Use Reduction.

6.59pm – Ram Charitra Sah, Asian Network for the Rights of Occupational and Environmental Victims (ANROEV) – Toxic legacy of bad work inside workplaces and in communities

7.07pm – Hilda Palmer, UK Trade Union Clean Air Network – What about the workers?

7.15pm – General discussion Q&A

PLUS Kathy Jenkins, Scottish Hazards sums up the  action points.


Links in full

Alison Tate presentation –

Bjorn Claeson presentation –

Andy Watterson presentation –

Ram Charitra Sah presentation –

Hilda Palmer presentation –

Kathy Jenkins summary of actions –


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