Workers’ Memorial Day

Workers’ Memorial Day 2016

International updates and events listings from  ITUC and Hazards magazine

National updates and comprehensive events listings from TUC 

Workers’ Memorial Day – this year, it’s the law
Hazards Campaign blog entry, 5 February 2016

News and updates from the Hazards Campaign

 Posters from the Hazards Campaign

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Hazards Campaign commissioned Workers’ Memorial Day posters

Workers' Memorial Day posters


Workers’ Memorial Day 2015

International updates and events listings from  ITUC and Hazards magazine National updates and events listings from TUC  News and updates from the Hazards Campaign

Workers’ Memorial Day 2014 

TUC is publishing a comprehensive list of events around  the UK.


Get kitted out with Hazards Campaign ribbons, posters, lapel/stationery stickerswindow stickers and ‘We didn’t vote to die at work’ t-shirts – the perfect attire for a 28 April event. For further information email the Hazards Campaign or phone 0161 636 7557.

If you want updates on what is going on worldwide on 28 April – the globe’s largest health and safety event – have a look at the ITUC/Hazards Workers’ Memorial Day worldwide list of events and resources

Workers’ Memorial Day Hazards Campaign resources

It’s not a secret, TELL PEOPLE about it!! Tell:
your members
your family
your friends
anyone you meet, and
don’t forget your employer

Workers Memorial Day is on the 28th April every year.

This is OUR day, a day when workers and our families and our trade unions,  focus on health and safety at work, both in our workplaces, and at events locally, nationally, and worldwide. This year more than ever we need to fight for our lives as the recession caused by a greedy, globalised financial system acting out of control under government deregulated, light touch regulation, has caused global meltdown and threatens to make our health and safety an even lower priority.

Attend one of the local events or organise one yourself. If you cannot attend an event try to do something in your workplace – and at very least put up posters, wear a forget me knot ribbon and hold a one minutes silence at noon  and tell everyone about it!

Every year there are thousands of events across the world on WMD attended by millions of people.  There are hundreds in the UK.

The point of the Day is two fold:

to Remember the Dead and also to Fight for the Living

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