Covid 19 – A Workers’ Court

11 March 2021, Zoom meeting, 5.30pm- 8.00pm

On the 11th March 2020, the World Health Organisation declared the Covid-19 outbreak a global pandemic.

Twelve months later the UK has more than 120,000 UK citizens dead, including many thousands of workers. There are important questions that need answering.

The court will be overseen by Professor Steve Tombs with a jury of health and safety experts, academics, lawyers safety reps and campaigners.

Join the session to present your own experience of how Covid-19 has impacted on the workplace and workers and to listen to others, so that collectively we can:

  • Highlight, challenge, and change the negligent response of employers, enforcers and UK Governments to the Covid-19 pandemic at work
  • Provide grass root organisations, workers, trade union reps, trade union health and safety officers and other occupational health and safety activists the opportunity to register their concerns about the direct and indirect effects of COVID occupational health and safety failures on workers including economic and social impact
  • Secure a living record of the issues workers have faced during the pandemic

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