Free online conference: Toxic Chemicals – risk prevention through use reduction

Toxic Chemicals: Risk prevention through use reduction

Friday, 25th February, 9.30-11.30am
Speakers include:
– Bud Hudspith, Unite Union Health and Safety
– Dan Shears, GMB National director of Health, Safety and Environment
– Professor Andy Watterson, Stirling University
– Hilda Palmer, Hazards Campaign

Organised by: Greater Manchester Hazards Centre

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  •  Do you work in the manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace or engineering sector?
  • Are you exposed to chemicals in your work?
  • How many workers or ex workers do you know have suffered or died from cancer? Or from asthma, heart/lung other organ disease?
  • Do you know if it was related to exposure to work chemicals?
  • How do we limit the use of toxic chemicals in manufacturing processes?
  • With Brexit ‘done’, how is your health being protected from dangerous chemicals?
  • Why do you need to attend this conference?

The conference will discuss how to address the toxic chemical cocktail we are exposed to – Approaching 100,000 chemicals are used in workplaces worldwide. Barely 1 in a 100 has been thoroughly tested for health risks. Over 50 substances are rated by the United Nations’ International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a definite or probable cancer risk at work. Over 100 more are IARC rated as a possible cancer risk. What can trade unions do to protect workers from the short and long term harm chemicals cause?


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