Hazards Campaign Thursday Talk: Fighting our corner

Fighting our Corner
Hazards Campaign Thursday Talk
Thursday October 21st – 6-7.30pm

Every day there are new cases of Covid-19. The Governments around the UK have all but given up with Public Health mitigation and Health and Safety Law is not being enforced in the workplace.

What can Safety reps and others who are affected by the lack of mitigation in a working environment do to protect themselves and prevent infections?

Join us on Zoom to discuss with a panel of experts, what you can do in your workplace to keep yourself and others safe and healthy.

Our panel includes

  • Tracy Edwards – PCS National health and safety officer
  • Hilda Palmer – Hazards Campaign / Facilitator at FACK
  • Cat Cray – RMT London Underground health and safety rep
  • James Robertson – Unison Knowsley Branch Secretary
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