COP26 coalition People’s Summit event – 8 November – ‘What about the Workers? Making workplaces safe for workers and the environment’ – register on

Scottish Hazards and the UK Hazards Campaign has organised an event for the COP26 coalition People’s Summit.

The online event on 8 November – ‘What about the workers?   Making workplaces safe for workers and the environment’ – is a round table discussion which will look at the connected issues of toxics use reduction, air pollution inside and outside of the workplace, workplace adaption to address climate change and just transition for working people.

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6.30pm – Introduction and welcome by the event chair Scott Donohoe – Scottish Hazards

6.35pm – Alison Tate, International Trade Union Confederation on Just Transition from a global perspective

6.43pm – Björn Claeson , Electronics Watch – ensuring workers rights and safety along side clean production in electronics

6.51pm – Prof Andrew Watterson, Stirling University on Toxic Use Reduction;

6.59pm – Ram Charitra Sah, Asian Network for the Rights of Occupational and Environmental Victims (ANROEV) – Toxic legacy of bad work inside workplaces and in communities

7.07pm – Hilda Palmer, UK Trade Union Clean Air Network – Workers are the canaries in the system ?

7.15pm – General discussion Q&A

7.55pm – Eurig Scandrett, UCU Scotland and Just and Green Recovery will sum the action points up.


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