The Hazards 2019 conference booking form is now online

Hazards Campaign has published the Hazards 2019 conference booking form online.

The  Hazards Conference is the UK’s biggest and best educational and organising event for trade union safety reps and activists.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Cleaning up toxic work.’

Hazards 2019 consists of a mixture of plenary sessions, meetings and a comprehensive workshop programme. Delegates have the opportunity to exchange experience and information with, and learn from, safety reps and activists from other unions, sectors and jobs across the UK.

Download the Hazards 2019 booking form

2 thoughts on “The Hazards 2019 conference booking form is now online”

  1. Why are these held at the weekends? As a carer for an elderly father at the weekends it makes it difficult to attend

    1. Hi Maxine, We’re very sorry that you have difficulties attending our conference. We hold different events at different times of day and week over the year but the Hazards Conference is a National Conference and its venue and dates have evolved over the years. A weekend enables the greatest number of union safety reps, from different industries and countries to attend. However, we continually review the conference and do of course try to make it as inclusive as possible, but unfortunately this doesn’t enable us to accommodate everyone’s needs.

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