Thursday Talk: Picking up the Threads! Recording and resources

Employers and Government have signally failed to deal with Covid 19 transmission risks with the disease running rampant through UK workplaces. The Hazards Campaign Thursday talk on 21 January 2021 Picking up the Threads! explored and discussed measures safety reps, unions and activists can take to protect workers. Below can view a recording of the event and see a selection of the supporting resources posted to the Zoom chat.

Resources listed in the Talk’s Zoom Chat

90% of retail workers suffered abuse at work last year, union finds

Phil Taylor Homeworking survey:

For 28 April, ITUC has named the campaign for health and safety to be recognised by ILO as a ‘fundamental right at work’. Our related briefing uses Covid-19 to illustrate the reasons why.

VENTING | Coronavirus risks are mostly up in the air – Hazards magazine 

Reel News Coronavirus Killer Workplaces

Hazards Campaign Thursday talk. Where are the sirens? Can the tsunami of work clusters be stopped? Hazards Campaign

Teacher Covid rates up to 333% above average

Comment: “I’m extrapolating from the post infection immunity to vaccine immunity, which may not be reliable. However it is not a naspharyngeal vaccine, so it isn’t too big a reach. Here is the related paper/ Do antibody positive healthcare workers have lower SARS-CoV-2 infection rates than antibody negative healthcare workers? Large multi-centre prospective cohort study (the SIREN study), England: June to November 2020

TUC Risks story on the BFAWU award – Union wins ‘unsung hero’ award for Covid fight

BSI Standards for Face Coverings 

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